Claire Seymour's pledges for the future of Dorset: #1

Preventing crime and anti-social behaviour

When we look at crime and anti-social behaviour statistics over the last few years, crime has decreased in the area for the third consecutive year. However, violent crime and sexual assaults have increased.

I lead a team of community safety specialists and has worked as a front line Police Constable. I have been keeping communities safe in Dorset for several years and even with the 58% increase in anti-social behaviour during the pandemic, I led my team through enormous change, pressure and challenges with positive outcomes for the community. 

I have worked alongside Dorset Police in my current role and know that the next few years will be challenging for communities and policing. I understand through my partnership work with statutory and non-statutory agencies the importance of working closely with the public to tackle local issues to bring about change and improvements.

If elected I will:

  • improve reporting for the public. There is a need to improve the non-emergency helpline (101) and platforms to report. This improvement would allow adequate resources to be allocated to an area to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour, and renew public confidence in policing.
  • lobby Government for increased investment in Dorset Police. Dorset has a growing population and is an attractive tourist resort, and instead of asking Council Tax payers to pay for more officers, it’s time to make a strong case to Government for investment. Since austerity, officer numbers have been cut and the uplift programme does not replace this.
  • improve partnership work in utilising tools and powers through effective use of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime & Policing Act, and the Crime & Disorder Act
  • invest in youth engagement programmes, increasing the number of Dorset Cadets County wide and work with local businesses for improved work and apprenticeship programmes for young people
  • tackle serious and organised crime working with the National Crime Agency
  • tackle cyber crime and online abuse. Dorset Police have seen a surging increase of scams, online abuse and online grooming of young people. I will invest in age appropriate intervention programmes, work with safer communities in schools and raise awareness on keeping adults and young people safe. I will influence policy and put pressure on those companies to improve their safeguarding responsibilities and safety controls
  • tackle wildlife crime by increasing resourcing levels and re-energising joint operations with Dorset, Somerset, Hampshire and Wiltshire Police to tackle wildlife crime. Dealing with poachers, seizing weapons and gathering intelligence.
  • work with the Chief Constable to bring Dorset Police from good to outstanding

Starting to tackle the root problems

It's time for solutions

We’ve got to look at solutions – we’ve got to look at why. And also we’ve got to consider what’s around the corner – our restrictions now are lifting.

What will that mean for us and and how will as a county we come together, and how can I voice on behalf of the public what they would see as a priority?

Naturally, everybody will always ask for more visible policing on our streets. And that of course will always be something that we would try to improve, and increase the numbers.

However, there are other options too – such as special targeted programmes. So if there is an area which is struggling with anti-social behaviour, or perhaps as an increase of crime in certain hotspots, we need to really, really target those areas. And that allows us to look at resourcing more effectively.

It also allows us to use intervention programmes, to really target those sets of individuals or groups of individuals that are doing and causing that nuisance and annoyance and potentially widespread disorder within their community.

There are other solutions. And this is what we need to be looking at. It’s not as simple as just putting more police on the streets. There are other options for us to consider and truly invest in, to start making a difference at the root problems within our community.

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