Claire Seymour's pledges for the future of Dorset: #7

Investing in new innovation opportunities for the prevention and detection of crime

To invest in new innovation to prevent and detect crime, and improve the performance of the police.

A recent global report highlights how emerging technology and collaboration can help tackle crime, on our streets and online, transforming police work providing them with new tools.

I acknowledge that technology has its pros and cons, and there is a need to balance the invasion of privacy, however, there are some digital solutions that can be used for intervention, prevention and enforcement to make communities a safer place to live and work in without infringement of privacy.

If I elected I will:

  • Place Dorset on the forefront of innovation opportunities to make a positive difference within our communities
  • Improve available reporting tools for all ages, and all communities through the use of innovative solutions, in turn improving the allocation of resources to hotspot areas to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Experiment with new and emerging technology such as handheld devices that could be used at a crime scene to identify if a perpetrator is still at the scene of the crime 

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