Claire Seymour's pledges for the future of Dorset: #4

Creating a sustainable police force

As Police & Crime Commissioner I will aim for Dorset Police to operate as a responsible and sustainable police force that is operationally viable for now and in the future offering social, economic and environmental benefits.

This aims to improve the financial efficiency of the police force, offering an opportunity for investment in police officer numbers. 

Financial as well as environmental benefits

Building on Dorset Police's existing measures

Dorset Police have already invested in 20 electric vehicles. However we can go further than this.

There are many sustainable options to create a sustainable police force. For example, we can look at our efficiencies to do with our estates and our fleet of vehicles, by building on a strategic environmental plan.

Other than the enormous environmental benefits, there are also equally enormous benefits in financial savings. By saving this money we can reinvest back into our police force. It’s absolutely a critical piece of work we must do.

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