Claire Seymour's pledges for the future of Dorset: #8

Building inclusive communities

In the last 5 years hate crimes have doubled. Tackling hate crimes motivated by hate, including online, needs increased engagement, representation, and focus on encouragement to report in order to move towards a more inclusive community.

I sit on the Stop and Search Scrutiny Panel for the Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner (before I decided to stand) as Dorset has one of the highest figures for stop search disproportionality.

If elected I will:

  • Continue to run and build on the scrutiny panels ensuring representation from all communities and set up a hate crime scrutiny panel
  • Work with (this list is not exhaustive) Dorset Race Equality Council, LGBTQ plus Dorset, Bourne Free, Mencap Diverse Abilities, MIND, CAMHS, Steps2Wellbeing
  • Improve appropriate and tailored communication with the community we serve.

The message will be clear: hate will not be tolerated in our communities.

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