Bringing all the agencies together is crucial

In preventing crime and anti-social behaviour, I will:

  • improve partnership work in utilising tools and powers through effective use of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime & Policing Act, and the Crime & Disorder Act
  • invest in youth engagement programmes, increasing the number of Dorset Cadets County wide and work with local businesses for improved work and apprenticeship programmes for young people
  • tackle serious and organised crime working with the National Crime Agency

To effectively protect those most at risk of harm, we must also really work together in partnership. What this means is strenuously to ensure that there is early recognition, that there is a response plan in place, and that there is the required support plan implemented for that vulnerable person.

In tackling domestic abuse and sexual violence I will:

  • Work with partners to increase awareness campaigns and support initiatives which are appropriate to age, focusing on healthy relationships and perpetrator intervention programmes (for more info see Stars, The Shores, The Drive Programme, Stalking Panel).
  • Work with all partners, businesses, education settings and the public to highlight the strands of abuse, how to spot them and how to report it, highlighting that a single report could change or save a person’s life, and change a young persons childhood (for more info see Operation Encompass, ACEs, Shine, The Freedom Programme).
  • Work with local businesses to put in place guidance, awareness and support plans for employees impacted by this crime, to ensure there’s minimal disruption to a persons employment contract when there’s abuse at home (for more info

In tackling hate crime and building inclusive communities, I will work with (this list is not exhaustive) Dorset Race Equality Council, LGBTQ plus Dorset, Bourne Free, Mencap Diverse Abilities, MIND, CAMHS, and Steps2Wellbeing.

In supporting victims of crime and anti-social behaviour I will:

  • work with the Victims Commissioner who is the national lead for victims services and is part of the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners
  • support and invest in the work of various agencies and Charities such as Stars, Shores and Victim Support

Creating a sustainable police force

As Police & Crime Commissioner I will aim for Dorset Police to operate as a responsible and sustainable police force that is operationally viable for now and in the future offering social, economic and environmental benefits.

This aims to improve the financial efficiency of the police force, offering an opportunity for investment in police officer numbers. 

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Protecting our protectors


I pledge to support Dorset Police in their efforts to create an organisational culture that supports the wellbeing and safety of their police officers and staff.

I will focus on engagement with employees, to help drive morale and motivation to retain talent and passion for the important work they do.

There has been a huge increase of assaults towards our emergency workers. This is why I do support part of the Policing Bill that tightens up the consequences of carrying out such crime.

I have seen first-hand on the front line the consequences of cuts to policing on their safety and their wellbeing. It must be a priority that we lobby government for more money for Dorset Police, to ensure that we can protect the protectors.

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